Listed below are unsolicited reviews and testimonials of what Mike has done for others through his innovative marketing methods for both offline and online businesses: 

"Mike and his company are awesome. He has helped us define a marketing strategy and is currently helping us redo our website and integrate marketing tools. His energy is catching. As a client I can track exactly where we are on any given project. My questions are always answered promptly. I would recommend him and his company to anyone trying to grow their business."

Nancy Barnett, ERMA Institute

After buying Mike's MARKETING system, I quickly realized that I made a $35,000 marketing mistake last year. I used targeted paid web advertising to increase my daily unique site visitor traffic by 600%. However, because I did not have a visible process to get people to opt-in, or an automated follow process to build the relationship over time all I ended up with was a higher unique visitor count and a $35,000 expense. I am now in the process of installing Mike's automated opt-in and audio/video email communciations tools and know that all future web traffic will pay off. 

Thank you Mike!
-Jefferson Davis,